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My Imperial Officer costume


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This is my first "canon" Star Wars costume.  I always thought the Imp Officers looked pretty spiffy in their uniforms, so I had a local tailor modify a Simplicity Civil War officer's uniform with some olive drab gaberdine(sp?) fabric, got the rank badge and code cylinders from folks online, and I already had the boots, gloves, belt, gun and holster.  The gun is my Solo ESB from the My Blaster page, heavily modified into a Merr-Sonn Power 5.  I think General Maximillian Veers is my favorite officer(he's the only one who seems to do anything right) so if there's a backstory to my outfit it would simply be a younger relative of his, like a nephew, with a rank of Lt. Colonel.  My Dad is a Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army, so that's why I chose the particular rank.   





Here are some close-ups of the rank badge and gun.  I took off the "mini-SinglePoint" scope because it wouldn't fit in the holster.